Rasha Jamil

Rasha Jamil,

Country: Kuwait

City: Kuwait City

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Rasha Jamil. Age 23 years old. I am sociable person, I like to see when people are happy and present positive mood to the people that surround me, I like to smile and see when people smile back to me. I prefer to speak about the things that bother me, I am more extrovert, but also you can trust me as I will keep always secrets.

I am fond of sports, when I see nice view of nature, I like to go there to find a nice place with blanket and draw a nice picture, like also to make photos of picturesque view, when I have vacation I like to travel.

I want to find a man who is interested in real meeting and who wants to have a family life. A man who is ready to meet with me, as only meeting can help us to understand if we are a good match.

Action: Online Now !!!

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Agree: a male between 28 and 39 Years old

Sign: Women

Height: 5′ 6″

Speak: English, Arabian etc.

Faith: Muslim

Best Music: Lightning Dust

Best Movies: A Ghost Story

Best TV: Al Majlis

Best Books: The Bamboo Stalk

Best Sports: I like to go skiing

Food: Cooked at Home

Dreams: I would like to meet a strong man, loving, educated, caring, intelligent, loyal, who wants to protect a pretty woman like me.

Best Quotes:  Life is an ever-flowing process and somewhere on the path some unpleasant things will pop up – it might leave a scar, but then life is flowing, and like running water, when it stops it grows stale. Go bravely on, my friend, because each experience teaches us a lesson. Keep blasting because life is such that sometimes it is nice and sometimes it is not.

Social Activity- 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rashajamil/315641233498

Skype: rasha42

Email:  jamil_rasha@gmail.com

Mobile:  +965 1828 225

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