Fabia Ibbi

Fabia Ibbi,

Country: Norway

City: Stavanger

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Fabia Ibbi. Age 24 years old. I lives in Stavanger the city of Norway. Fabia Ibbi as an single women. I am happy every moment of my life. I am an open, kind, cheerful person. I like order in everything. I am demanding to myself and to others. I love good food and children. After some deceiving experiences.

Action: Online Now !!!

I prefer open men, good, neat, self-motivated, Monogamous. Prone to adventures, love to travel. I really want to create a serious relationship .

Page Views: 56.7 M + times

Agree: a male between 28 and 37 Years old

Sign: Women

Height: 5′ 5″

Speak: English, Norwegian etc.

Faith: Christianity

Best Music: Tusen etasjer høi

Best Movies: The Snowman

Best TV: Moox Live

Best Books: A Doll’s House

Best Sports: Rowing, Sailing, Shooting

Food: Like Whale Steak

Dreams: I dream of a happy future with my future husband in a serious relationship and marriage.

Best Quotes: You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again.

Social Activity- 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fabiaibbi/4168761654841

Skype: fabia64

Email: fabia.ibbi@gmail.com

Mobile:  +47 97 46 22 74

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