Jun 03

Sheree Hamidia

Sheree Hamidi,

Country: Saudi Arabia

City: Riyadh

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Sheree Hamidi. Age 21 years old. I lives in Riyadh the city of Saudi Arabia. Sheree Hamidi as an single women.Beautiful and sweet, calm and gentle, positive and modest… well Modest it is sometimes… Of course a good sense of humor” That is what you would hear about me from my friends. Of course I am not calm all the time, because I have emotions and I love express them, but also I understand that not all emotions should show.

I like to talk in a good company, spend time somewhere on the nature. Well, there is one thing, in which I can completely express myself – it is dancing. I love to dance and enjoy this kind of sport in any free minute… No, I am not dancing and walking at the same time How do you express yourself?

I am thinking of my search, I imagine strong and healthy relationship with a man, who would be happy with me. I think that it is the best feeling to see that people are happy being together. I am not talking about perfect relationship. Healthy relationship for me is full of generosity, understanding, care, support and patience. Well, of course there is passion in relationship. I want not just give love and care to my future soul mate, but also I want accept the same things, which I will give to my partner. I am looking for mutual affection.

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Jun 02

Jessi Darcy

Jessi Darcy,

Country: Finland

City: Vantaa

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Jessi Darcy. Age 24 years old. I lives in Vantaa the city of Finland. Jessi Darcy as an single women. I am Cheerful, sociable, interesting, loving life and tasty meal)). I’m always ready for self-development. I consider the highest value in life is the family. “Human needs human”.

I am Looking for a Gentleman, with the following qualities : Responsibility, the ability to take care of yourself, the desire to develop in a relationship. Honesty and sincerity. Ability to be a partner in everything.

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May 29

Kristina Viol

Kristina Viol,

Country: Australia

City: Kensington

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Kristina Viol. Age 21 years old. I lives in Kensington the city of Australia. Kristina Viol as an single women. I am very romantic, receptive, a woman of one man. I’m family oriented, loyal and faithful. Very responsive, supportive and caring. I consider myself a sweet woman with a gentle character. I know that in the world a lot of people are smarter, more talented, more beautiful than me. It pleases me and gives me an incentive to develop and improve.

I am an active person, in my free time I like to visit nature together with my family and friends, go to the movies and concerts, do yoga, run in the morning, I like to skate. In addition, I like reading literature related to health, embroidering, preparing all sorts of goodies and spending evenings in a cozy atmosphere. Travel is my passion. I consider it very interesting to open new cities, countries and cultures. I’m almost fully happy and lucky, but I do not have enough love in my life – and that’s why I’m here. Also I would like to meet a man who is intelligent, confident in himself, self-sufficient and generous. With a positive outlook on things and a good sense of humor. A man who knows how to respect, appreciate, love a woman. A man who treats the world equally with me.

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