Jun 07

Vilma Anastas

Vilma Anastas,

Country: Canada

City: Victoria

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Vilma Anastas age 26 years old. I lives in VictoriVilma Anastas the city of Canada. Vilma Anastas as an single women. I am beautiful, active, educated, talented, caring, homely and gracious lady. I like to do things which raise my mood and give an opportunity to relax. I am open and positive and like the same people around.

I am very fond of music and arts, tennis and badminton. I do swimming, drawing, travelling. I love music and dance. I like cooking and keeping home in good condition. I like going to cinemas and theatres, walking in forests and many other things. I am open for new interesting hobbies life can offer, so I am never sitting in one place…

It is not possible to find a perfect person in our world. We all have pluses and minuses. We all make mistakes, but I would like to be with a man, who will respect and understand to me, who will treat me like a real lady, who will be attentive, who will surprise me each new day. I want to be with a serious and mature, well-educated and faithful man, who will make me very happy..

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Jun 05

Nasfika Ahmed

Nasfika Ahmed,

Country: Oman

City: Muscat

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Nasfika Ahmed. Age 23 years old. I am full of energy lady. I am positive and active, kind and tender person. I like to start my day with good and positive thoughts. I always find a reason to see good things in any single day. I have a good sense of humor. Smile makes people happier. What does make you smile?.

I like to dance. I was dancing for 8 years and now I like pole dance it makes body more flexible and makes me keep me fit. Of course, I go to gym regularly and I like to spend time with the nature. Also I love to cook, so you can be sure that there will always be a tasty dinner on a table ;).

I am thinking In relationship mutual understanding when people hear and listen to each other, is very important for me. Of course, respect, faithfulness and generosity should be present in relationship. I would like to find an intelligent man, with sense of humor and kind heart. It is good to have a nice conversation that is why openness in communication is appreciated. I am curious to know about the criteria of your search your future companion.

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Jun 04

Janni Nadely

Janni Nadely,

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland

Personal Views: Hey, my name is Janni Nadely. Age 21 years old. I lives in Auckland the city of New Zealand. Janni Nadely as an single women. I am cheerful, friendly, I am serious, but often smile and joke. Lead a healthy lifestyle. I love traveling, meet new interesting people, also I like good books and films, sit with friends at the fire, look at the water and swim, wander through the pine forest and the simple joys of life.

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